Wednesday, 10 June 2009

My First Post

So basically my names Abbie and i like in the UK in the county of Lincolnshire (n). I love make-up and fashion and going out with my friends so this blog is basically gonna focus on all if these things! I'm currently 16 and work for my dad so don't expect to many haul posts or anything like that. Most of the clothes i buy are from topshop and are very plain, most of the make-up i buy is from Avon because my mum is a rep and its just really easy to get. I like reading and watching films so expect alot of book and film reviews :) if you have any requests of make-up posts, fashion opinions, book and film suggestions or anything like that just leave me a comment and i'll get right too it :) ATM i have like 4 exams left until school is completely over so i should be able to get a request quite easily.

Finally I'd really like to thank Sabrina for convincing me to start a blog :)


  1. aww you cutey! very happy you restarted your blog:) in a few days or weeks ill put a post on my blog telling people to add you. remind me in a few weeks. xx

  2. Hey :) I just wanted to let you know how great I think your blog is :)
    I love how you use cheaper products aswell as expensive ones, and you've really inspired me to set up my own blog (check it out if you have time, it would be nice not to feel like i'm not talking to myself all the time!)
    Good luck for the future and looking forward to some more posts :) x