Monday, 29 June 2009

Currently Loving: Queen Beeuty

OMG! i love this girl!! she got my addicted to Twilight and is therefore my favourite person ever!! Her real name is Kalel Cullen (how lucky to have cullen as your surname!!) but she is known on youtube at Queen Beeuty ... which is also fabulous because Queen Bee reminds me of Blair from Gossip Girl (one of my favourite TV shows )

This is her twitter picture

I also love that she calls her Haul's Loots :) i think that's something that makes her video's sooo different, and the backdrop that she films her video's in front of is magazine clippings which i think is really cool and abit more fun than a wall :)

There really isn't much more i can say without sounding like a creepy stalker :) so go check out her youtube channel or follow her on twitter :)

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