Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Eyeshadow of the Day

This is just a natural look i did with some pigments because i never use my pigments but i have loads of them just sat in a box not doing anything.

What i used:

I took some Urban Decay Primer Potion ...

... and covered my entire lid with it

Then i took some of the Avon Smooth Mineral eyeshadow in Exquisite ....

... And put it all over the lid upto the crease

The next product i used was Collection 2000 Dazzle Me in Enchanted

I put this on the outer third of the lid up to he crease and a little along the lower lash line

I then blended the two colours together and added some mascara to the upper lashes :)
Nothing too fancy, just what i wore to go to D of E


  1. pretty! I'm the same, I never use my pigments, I kinda forget about them oops!

  2. it's a really pretty combition of the colours, and just natural enough to be fine for d of e. good luck with that btw.
    personally i always use pigments! i just think they add a nice touch.