Saturday, 14 November 2009

Five things under £5

I saw this tag on Sweetcheeks Beauty and Fashion and because she tagged anyone that wanted to do it i figured i would give it a go :) Basically these are 5 things that i have and that i really like which all cost under £5.00.

These are my 5 things :)

Barry M Nail Paint in Mint Green - £2.95
Barry M are probably my favourite brand for drugstore nail polishes. They have such an amazing colour range that they are updating all the time and for £3.00 you really can't complain. I chose this colour because it's been really popular since the whole mac peppermint patti and the chanel Jade :)

Boots 17 Eyeshadow in Statuesque - £3.22
I'm am soo happy i bought this eyeshadow. It is easily one of my favourite colours i own and i can't wait to get some more net time i go to boots :) I think the colour pay off is just as good as mac's but for a fraction of the price!

Carmex Lip Balm - about £2.50
I dont remember exactly what i paid for this but i think it was about £2.50. You can apply this in the morning and it keeps your lips fabulous all day (until about lunch time when you get something to eat) I let my friend use mine at the beginning of the week and she has used it every morning since. She loves it :D

Barry M Kohl Pencil Liner in 1 (Black) - £2.95
without a doubt my favourite Kohl liner i have ever use. It so smooth and doesn't tug on your eyes at all. I used to have alot of the colours (i think i had about 10 in total) but when i condesed by collection i got rid of them all except this one and my silver one. The silver one is perfect on the waterline in the morning because it works just like a while eyeliner by making your eyes look bigger and more awake but silver also gives you a little sparkle :)

Avon Solutions Pure Pore-Fection Cleaner - £3.00
This is my favourite facial cleaners i have ever used! It is just so perfect for my skin and so cheap :) If you are looking for a cleaner then i would recommend this one. It is currently on sale online for £2.50! I have a review of it somewhere on my blog if you would like further information.

Also what do you think of the dotty background to all of my pictures?? I wanted something to brighten then up a little bit and i think, if you like it, i will try to use it as a background to all of my pictures :)

I also tag anyone who wants to do this :) leave me a link when you do :) i love reading these posts and finding fabulous new bargains!


  1. Will definitely check out the 17 eyeshadows after that recommendation - really as good as MAC? Wow.

    I'm currently using Burts Bees lip balm but am getting bored of it so will try the Carmex, good post! xx

  2. love the dotty background - i like having a familiar theme!

    I'm also a huge Carmex fan but haven't used it in a while in favour of Burt's Bees.