Sunday, 15 November 2009

It's not all bad in make-up land :)

Over the past few months there has been alot of drama in the make-up community. I'm not going to go into individual cases but i think we can all think of an incident that had got alot of people angry. But ladies do not fear!

Over the past few weeks i have noticed that its not all bad and there are alot of extremely lovely ladies out there that are willing to help you whenever they can.

For me the first was Cat from who helped me out with my de-cluttering :) As you may know i recently got rid of alot of my make-up that i just never really used. Some i gave to my sister, some i still have lying around in a box and the rest i gave to Cat so she could maybe give it all a little test and do some reviews and things for you guys. So thank you Cat for taking it all of my hands :)

The next was the Fabulous Zoe from who helped me out in a Lush crisis! So i was filling my bath and decided i wanted to use my Lush Star Melt, but i had no idea what i needed to do with it. So i dashed to Twitter, sent Zoe a quick message and almost instantly she replied letting me know what i had to do. Lets be honest, she could have completely ignored me because i'm a total stranger but she didn't because she is lovely :)

And then earlier this week i posted on Twitter that i desperately wanted the Vanity Fair with Robert Pattinson on the cover but i couldnt get it where i lived :( Then the beautiful Lil from said that pretty much everywhere was selling it when she lived and that she could pick me up a copy if i wanted :O seriously HOW NICE! so she bought the magazine yesterday and is going to post it me tomorrow in exchange for some Collection 2000 nail polishes that she wants :)

And finally the Super Sweet Phoebe from who has just offered to pick me up some of the Sleek palettes because i can't get them at my superdrug!

So next time theres a huge thing going on about someone doing something wrong in the make-up community, look at all of the people who are helping eachother out just because its the nice thing to do :) I feel super proud to have make these friends and i ope they all know that if they ever need anything and i can help then i would be happy to :)


  1. aww - it's really no problem! Thanks for the mention though :)

  2. I totally agree that people get too caught up in the negative and forget about the positives (which in my opinion far outweigh the negatives.) Lovely post! xo em

  3. Aw , this is nice! Thank you so much and you are totally welcome. And you're right, its not all bad in make-up land. X