Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Vanity Fair Arrival :)

If you read my last post then you will know i was expecting a little package from Lil at http://lil-astorminateacup.blogspot.com/ and it came today :)

Ahh isn't he beautiful :) I haven't actually open it yet tho :) it's just sitting there all pretty on my self haha

And look at the SUPER CUTE Hello Kitty Post it note :)

Thank You Lil

P.S. i cant pretty much guarantee that next month i will be wanting the January Issue of Vanity Fair so if you can get it and would be interested in swapping it for another magazine that i can get or some make-up from boots or superdrug for roughly the same price them twitter me :)

1 comment:

  1. Will you do a post - basically just a pic :P - on your entire mag collection as it is, i'm intrigued to see the bigger picture of all your shelves!