Friday, 13 November 2009

I finally got Interview

If you follow me on twitter you may already know this because i was super excited about it. Basically i've been wanting this magazine for AGES but because it's American it was really difficult to find. Then i found out that my sister's friend was going to Florida (the one who fetched me the CoverGirl Mascara back) and i asked her to look for this magazine but she couldn't find it :( Then a boy in my class went to Florida and i asked him to have a look around for me too :) He said he couldn't find it until they got to the airport on the way home! HOW LUCKY! :)

So now i have my beautiful ridiculously large magazine :) and it was 100000% worth it!

Thank you to everyone on Twitter how had a look for it for me :)


  1. like kristen stewart?

    Wish there was a bigger interview though cos when you read it you realise they dont really say much, but 12 pages of photos is good!

  2. aha Well done! I've already said congrats on Twitter but hey :P

    Enjoy reading!