Thursday, 10 June 2010

Benefit Freebies ... A Saving of £39!

Tired of these Benefit posts yet?

Pretty annoying how i could only find the Lily Allen cover :(

Benefit Bad Gal Eye Liner - RRP £14
Benefit it Stick concealer - RRP £17
Benefit eye Bright stick - RRP £14

And a few sucky swatches ...

Did you manage to pick up all three?? It took me a trip to 4 different shops to be able to get all of these!


  1. wow i need to get mine 2moro if i want all three! how's the it stick?

  2. @sidobelei' beauty x3 It's quite pale but really creamy and easy to blend!

  3. I got all 3 and i bought them in the same shop :)
    Happyy :) xx

  4. Got all 3 today!! Such a good deal.
    Managed to get two different covers.

    X x