Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Woops ... I haul again :)

So the weather wasn't very nice here, so we took a family shopping trip :) I didn't really get much, but I'm very happy with what i did get!

First was:
  • Rimmel Sun Shimmer Self Tan Gel
  • BYS Nail Polish in Lila Bliss
  • BYS Khol Eyeliner Pencil in Soft White
Then I got a little organisation unit where I can store palettes (i'm thinking about starting a mac one soon) and two little dishes on the ends to store make-up. One at the minute contains my foundations because i prefer to store them up right, and the other has perfumes, but I'm thinking about changing them to things i use a lot like lip balms.

Then i got a storage box to hold my nail polishes because i didn't want them in my plastic draws any more.
I also got a jar that i'm storing my eye liners in at the minute. I think i want to maybe get a few more of these because i think they are cute :)

With all of my nail polishes being in here ...
all of my boxes are now in here :)

If the weather is ok, i'm going to some car boot sales, so fingers crossed i find something good :)


  1. hey I really love how you organize your makeup! I need to get one f those stands for the palettes as well.

  2. that's really nice & tidy! wow! u have a lot nail polishes!
    I really need to organized my makeup too...but I don't have space in my flat anymore!! I need to move!!