Thursday, 3 June 2010

My Favourite Podcasts

I've decided to do a little non-make-up related post for you today. It is about something i thought may be nice to share with you all.

I really really like listening to podcast's. I think they are great during travelling, whilst doing revision or just when you don't feel like listening to music. These are my top 5 that i am subscribed to on iTunes (btw they are all free so you have no excuse to not check them out :)

Smart Mouths

It is very hard to describe Smart Mouths because it literally covers just about everything. It can be current news, funny things that have happened, political rants and plenty of jokes. I think out of my top 5, this may just be my number 1 favourite!

Grey's Anatomy Official Podcast
If you are a Grey's Anatomy fan then you may want to listen to this. The writers of every episode record a podcast after the episode is shown in America and give you an idea of why they wrote certain things into the episode, where they got their idea's from, funny things that happened on set etc. It really is good if you are a GA fan!

Scott Mills Daily
I'm usually on the bus when Scott Mills is on, and i dont have a Radio FM transmitter for my iPod so i get the podcast :) It just records the best bits from the previous days show so reduces a 3 hour radio show down to usually about 40 minutes.

This podcast started the podcast obsession! It is a Twilight fan podcast which probably sounds really dorky but the presenters are really fun and find out all of the latest Twilight saga news. I spent the whole of last summer listening to this because i found it after they had done about 20 episodes, so had about 30 hours of material to listen to before i could be up to date.

Best of Chris Moyles Enhanced
I get this for the same reason as the Scott Mills one. It reduces the show down to about 40 minutes and lets me listen to it whenever i have time. Instead of being daily like Scott's this comes out every Friday and contains material from the past 5 shows.

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