Friday, 18 June 2010

Wishlist from the Mac In The Groove Collection

I know Lipglossing recently did a post like this, so i'm hoping she doesn't mind me doing this, but the upcoming In The Groove collection is the first Mac collection i feel like buying into since Warm & Cozy or Love Lace back in January. These are a few items that i am really liking the look of, but I will be checking out loads of reviews and personal pictures before i part with my money :)

Mineralize Eye Shadow Trio's
In The Groove

Love To Love

Making It Easy

Soften The Mood

Mineralize Blush Duo's
Hang Loose

Happy Together

Mineralize SkinFinish's
Stereo Rose


By Candlelight

All of my pictures are from Temptalia, let me know what you think of this collection and what you think you might be buying :)


  1. ohhh those eyeshadow trios look gorgeous! xo

  2. Great Post Hunni :) Im excited for this collection too!! Would you mind if i did this post? :) xox

  3. @xDiamondsandPearlsx - no not at all, i'd love to see what you are wanting to purchase :)

  4. Yourrr so right about this being one of the nicest collections in a while lovelyy, can't wait to see a post about what you choose to get! :) x

  5. I don't buy MAC as it's too expensive but I love the look of Happy Together and By Candlelight :)

  6. Love all the eyeshadow trios! Great post hun x

  7. I don't mind at all! It's great to see what everyone wants.

    I'm so excited for this collection, but really wanna reign myself in a bit!

    Have you seen the swatches?