Sunday, 13 June 2010

Share The Love

There are so many great bloggers and youtubers out there and i think everyone has their favourites. I currently follow 120 different blogs and am subscribed to 61 different youtubers, and these are some of my favourites :)

I think Nikki is so talented with make-up and her personality really comes across well in her video's. I really trust her reviews on products which i think is really important for youtubers!

Rene is the kind of person that you just kind of know, she is truly saying what she feels and not trying to sugar coat anything. If something is bad, she will tell you, and if it's good, she will tell you that too. And I love the fact that she is Australian, because i love the Australian accent :)

I've only recently discovered Laura's YouTube channel but I really like her video's. She is also roughly the same age as me i think so i feel as though i can relate to a lot of what she is saying.

Have you seen this girls intro to her video's? seriously, i usually hate intros and just fast forward through them, but Fleur's is so good :) And then of course there is the general content of the video's which i think is a really fun, fresh take on a lot of products and opinions.

i'm quite a recent follower to phoebe's blog, but i just love the whole lay out and style of her blog. It's all very pretty and very chic and i love it :)

I have been a followers of Sabrina's for over a year now, and i think i do see her as a friend rather than just a blogger. I know if i have a questions, i can ask her it on Twitter and receive a very helpful reply. I also really like that her products aren't all high end and she has a great variety to review.

Such a lovely girl with great style and a great blog. There are a really cool mix of products that she uses

Iam also a recent follower to Laura's blog but i love it so much :) She has a great sense of style and buys sme great products that i always wish i could get hold of over here in the UK!

A great nail blog. seriously, how do people get their nail polish to apply so perfectly. I'm truly jealous!

I've always loved really good nail polish blogs, and thisis deffinatly one of them :) There is a nice mix of brands and lots of things to see and add to your wishlists :)

cute blog, by a cute girl, who talks about really cute things :) also a great person to add onTwitter, she is lovely!


  1. Thanks for sharing these links - such a good idea! I will go and check out the ones I haven't seen before :) xx

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love finding new blogs :)


  3. So sorry I didn't get back to you, I wouldn't mind at all if you wanted to feature me on one of these posts :) xxxx

  4. thank you so soooooo much! it really means a ton to me :) ♥♥
    i mentioned this in a tweet already, but i'll mention this post in one of my upcoming posts!
    thanks SO much again darling :)

  5. Ahhhh thank you for the links. I am forever searching for new blogs and channels. xx

  6. these are so cool!! im so thankful to be in the era where everyone comes together and create such inspiriting online phenomenon!

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