Tuesday, 20 October 2009

How to use a Lush Bubble Bar

I know that there are a lot of bloggers out there that already use Lush Bubble Bars but for anyone that doesn't, here is a quick how to :)

1. Take the Bubble Bar of your choice (i have candy cane)

2. Take about 1/4 of it (take more if it is a smaller bar or you want more bubbles!)

3. crumble in your fingers under hot water

4. It should look like this in your hand

5. Let the magic happen :)

A lot of the Bubble Bar's will change the colour of your water. As a little head's up, the Ma Bar smells delish but turns your water brown :( it looks kinda gross!


  1. I wanna get some of these as xmas pressies for people

  2. love this! shame its only an xmas limited edition! :( x

  3. Some people say you get waaay better bubble if you sprinkle the Bubble Bar into a dry tub and then turn on the water / blast it with a shower head. which way makes better bubbles? :)

  4. @courtneyhicks I've never tried it that way but I might next time I get one and let you know