Saturday, 17 October 2009

Im losing my inspiration

If you follow my blog regularly you may have notices my posts have started to become quite rare, especially during the week. there are two main reasons for this:

1. I have school and that takes up a lot of time
2. I really don't know what to post about

This is why i really need your help. If you can think of maybe some review of products you know i have or anything else that you want me to do it would be very much appreciated. I am hoping that because it is my birthday on Saturday I'll have some posts to do on the things people got me. I'm always happy to do posts of things maybe a little bit outside the box. So if you want to know about my school, TV shows, magazines, generally life stuff, clothes etc. really anything just so i know there is still a point to me doing this :)


  1. I'm feeling the same at the moment :/

    Posts on your favourite stuff, and reviews of the stuff are my fave to read :)
    Or just playing around with make up and post what you come up with.

  2. You should post about things that you enjoy or things that interest you?
    What are you watching on TV that you really enjoy?
    Have you got any products that you are really loving at the minute?
    What are your favourite songs right now?
    Have you read anything interesting in your fave mags?
    What is on your Christmas wish list already
    Hope this helps you, I havent been posting much recently either - college is taking up waaay too much time

  3. What are you lusting/saving up for?
    Have a play with your make up and show us what you create?
    Are you planning any Halloween looks?

    I have that trouble when posting, but luckily I bought some things today so had some swatches - yay!

  4. I'd just post on stuff that you do/like. I think a blog should be more for what YOU like than for what other people want to see :)

    I'm sure there are lots of things that you do which you don't think everyone will be interested in but you'd be surprised. I had a post on my blog about hair oils (something I think is really mundane) but that notched up a lot of replies because not a lot of people knew about it..