Tuesday, 27 October 2009

River Island = Epic Fail

The other day i ordered a swim suit from River Island for my holiday to Morocco. On the website it looked like a really pretty coral colour with well structured ruffles on the one strap

What arrived in the post however was a neon pink mess :( They really are nothing alike and it's a shame because the one on the website looks sooo pretty!

My friend also bought me a coat from river island for my birthday that we have to send back because it is miles too big even thought i got it in a size smaller than usual and the zip has broken :(

what is going on River Island ?!?!


  1. Bad times! Complain and ask for free stuff!

  2. Definitely send it back or complain or something - that looks nothing like the picture! xo

  3. Have you tried it on?
    Write a letter of complaint and send that picture in, because there's being different and being a complete different item

  4. LOL! I hate the internet for stuff like that!