Monday, 19 October 2009

Holiday Shopping List

To go to Morocco there are loads of little things i want to buy to try and make the trip a little easier. The only problem is i have no idea what to get or where to find it. The thinks i am looking for are:

  • A throw for the plane
  • A sun hat
  • Some hair de-humidifier
  • A tinted moisturiser
  • A new washbag
  • A new make-up bag
If you have any idea what i should get or where i could find them please let me know :)


  1. I swear by Nivea Young moisturiser and Lee Stafford is the only dehumidifier i've ever used but i love it & it smells delish.

  2. Throw: Asda or Wilkinsons.
    Wash bag: Superdrug.
    Makeup bag: Primark or Superdrug... or Boots.
    Tinted moisturiser: Loads of people like the Nivea one.

  3. hiya!

    just a little tip type thing..
    instead of a throw for the plane that youd have to carry around to and from etc, i always wear a thick pashmina/scarf (i find the patterned ones are thickest lol) and then not only can you wear it whilst in England still, as its coooold! :( it saves carrying it around and it doubles up as a pillow/head rest (rolled up) and a little blanket !
    well thats what i do whenever i go on a plane anyway :)

    hope this helps,
    and have a fab time!


  4. The Pashmina is such a good idea :)
    thank you!

  5. I'd def try Primark or Boots for a makeup/washbag!! Also Lee Stafford or Mark Hill are good for the de-humifier. Have a nice holiday :o)