Saturday, 3 October 2009

Magazine Emergency! - any USA readers!

If you saw this post then you will probably know i love magazines :) and after seeing these pictures i need the October issue of Interview magazine! from what i have read it is only available in the US. If you know you can buy it then i am offering a magazine swap. i have a UK issue of Elle (handbag A5 size) that my mum bought me but i already have it. would anyone be interested??


e-mail me at


  1. Can't help about the magazine but here's the behind the scenes shoot vid incase you havn't seen that:

    Good luck with getting the mag

    (and thanks again for my blogsale parcel ;) )


  2. I really want this magazine too!

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  5. Just saw your tweet about looking for vanity fair magazine and wanted to check to see if you've managed to find interview magazine yet?
    My local borders has only just got the kristen stewart issue in and I've just bought it, I might be able to buy you a copy and send it to you if you want?