Sunday, 25 October 2009

Johnson's: Rant & Rave

In general i love Johnson's. I think their baby lotion is amazing for dry winter skin. I think their baby shampoo is amazing for all hair conditions and my mum will only use Johnson's cotton buds because she thinks they are the best.

Over the past few weeks i have found another product that has done the brand proud, and sadly one that is a very big disappointment.

We will start with the bad. Johnson's Silky Skin Shower and Shave Cream. The idea is really good. A shower gel and shaving gel in one :) but i just think that it is sooo gloopy and horrible to use. I don't really like the smell either. This had the potential to be a perfect 2 in 1 money saver but it just doesn't work for me :(

And now the bath product i can't live without ... Johnson's Dreamy Skin BodyWash. This is sooo soft that when i use it i just want to fall to sleep. It is suppose to be used before bed as a way on making you relaxed and sleepy and it totally works :) It comes in a really big bottle and i think i used about half of it in like 4 days :) it is just sooo nice! It's really good for exam stress to. Last year my teacher recommended it to me because it calms you down at night so you can get a good sleep.
The great thing about both of these product's is that they aren't too expensive so if you love them, you can stock up and if you hate them, you haven't lost too much money!


  1. Argh i tried the shower and shave once too and hated it i thought i just got a bad batch its too gloopy and does smell funny, deffinately not something i will repurchase x x

  2. i thought i might have just got a bad batch too but i guess not

  3. I love that dreamy skin wash- it smells soooo good and makes so many bubbles!x

  4. Thanks for the skin wash recommendation - i love stuff like that :)

  5. I hate the shower shave stuff, I bought it when it first came out thought it would be fab :/ xx