Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Topshop, Lush & Magazine Haul :)

So i arrived home today to some very lovely packages :) The first (and probably most exciting) was from Topshop. I'd ordered some Sequin leggings for my birthday cocktail party on friday but was sooo worried they wouldn't look nice. I know they aren't to everyone's taste but my mum and dad like them :) and so do i! They were £30 and you can get them on the Topshop Website if you are interested

a close up of the sequins :)
i've never had a topshop tag like this before :)

Then i got my box from Lush. I got 3 of my favourite things and once i've used them i can do a review if you like?!?! I got Vanilla Fountain Bath Ballistic, Creamy Candy Bath Bubble Bar and Candy Cane Bubble Bar. Candy Cane is probably my favourite but it only comes out at Christmas so i think i might stock up :)

And then there's Marie Claire, Glamour and Elle :) The pictures of Cheryl Cole in Elle are really pretty :)


  1. I want to try the Candy Cane bubble bar! Need to make the most of it over Christmas.

    LOVE the sequin leggings- I really want some

  2. Nice haul!

    I almost bought a pair of sequin leggings in the river island sale this morning, but i resisted and bought two clutche instead hehe!! Im supposed to be on a shopping ban... im so bad :o)

  3. i'm glad i have support on the leggings :)
    thank you ladies!

    @Daisy - i would really really recommend the Candy Cane's :)

    @ Doma-Nikki - i hope to see a blog about these clutches :D

  4. I love Vanilla and always mean to pick up that ballistic when I go in, but never get round to it.
    Have to treat myself I think ;)

  5. You will def see a post about them :D

    I've given you a blog award x