Thursday, 29 October 2009

Make-up De-Clutter

I tidied my room this afternoon with my dad because my room and the bathroom are being switched over. Due to the move i decided that i didn't like my boring black make-up draws and that most of the make-up in them was unworn :(

so i managed to condense this:

To this:

i don't think i am going to bother with a blog sale because my last few have been quite unsuccessful so i'll either just throw it out or give it to my sister. A lot of it was just cheap drugstore items that i bought when i first got into make-up and have since discovered better brands/items. I am not in any way saying that all the stuff i have kept in high end ... the picture show's it isnt. In fact i bought a boots 17 eye shadow today:

its really pretty and it called Statuesque. I dont think it will be my last 17 eyeshadow :)

Now that i have had chance to try out different brands i think i can buy make-up that i know i am going to get use out of rather than seeing something in the sale or a pretty colour and never wearing it.

I actually ordered some more mac things earlier that i will do a haul of when they get here :)


  1. I love the 17 eyeshadows! I have one in "Funfair" which is gorgeous.

  2. I have a couple of 17 eyeshadows & love them.
    Very good downsizing! It's quite amazing actually.

  3. You have more makeup than me! My husband calls our bathroom "Sephora" because it is full of makeup, perfumes, and beauty products. I am glad to see I am not the only one addicted to makeup!

  4. wow that is some condensing! x

  5. Hi! Just discovered your blog and I'm loving it! xo em