Thursday, 14 January 2010

Huge Product Rave!

Out of all of the make-up i got for Christmas, i think this might just be my favourite, or at least my most used :) I got the Urban Decay Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara in the Hall of Fame set and i absolutely love it :) It is the only mini size of it but as soon as i get some money i think I'm gonna buy the full sized tube!

Bare Eye
One Coat
Two Coats
This application as a little messy because i did it in a rush but I LOVE IT! it hasn't left my make-up bag since i put it in for the first day of school :)

I've never previously looking into Urban Decay mascara's because i remember my friend had the Big Fatty Mascara a few years ago and i don't remember thinking much to it but I'm so glad i got this in a set other wise i would have never tried it.

It is said to be a six-in-one mascara that:
  1. Lengthen - Agree
  2. Strengthen - Agree kinda
  3. Separate - Agree
  4. Curl - Agree
  5. Brighten - Disagree
  6. Thicken - Slightly Agree
  7. No clumping or flaking - Agree completely :)
So move over CoverGirl Lash Blast - You have been replaced :)


  1. Looks really good! I have one in my drawer unopened, I really want to try it but need to work through the ones I currently have open!

  2. Wow...really lengthens and separates well! Looks great! :) x