Sunday, 17 January 2010

Review: Mac Lipstick in Bubbles

This lipstick is a limited edition shade and it came out with last years Sugar Sweet collection. It was the first mac lipstick i ever bought but i really don't use it enough. I bought it from Marcia's blog sale i think sometime in the summer for £5 :)

It is such am amazing colour. I think the best way to wear it is over another colour to simply lighten the shade or add a little bit of iridescent sparkle to it. I may look pretty plain in my pictures but it is sooo pretty. It has the tiniest flecks of green and pink in it which just makes it sooo pretty :)

The left is one swipe of the product on my arm and on the right is about 3 swipes :) it is a glaze finish so its quite sheer. Overall i dont know if this would be something worth hunting all over the internet for, but if it get re-promoted, it's worth looking into if you have some lipsticks that you think could use this little bit of shimmer over the top.

You can find some really pretty pictures of it at Temptalia:


  1. That's really pretty. I've got Politely Pink which is pretty similar.
    Have you done a post on the mani you have on?

  2. on my nail blog
    i think its this colour

  3. Pretty!
    I have this and I've never used it !!!