Friday, 8 January 2010

Stars Make-up Haven Eyeshadows

The other night i decided to order some SMH eye shadows after looking at this post. Instead of using the SMH website which is American, i bought mine from because it is a British site and they use the Royal Mail to deliver their products. Each eye shadow is £3.25, in a magnetised pan, and the same size as a Mac eye shadow, so will fit into a Mac palette.

They come in a little plastic container to keep them safe :) and then they are also packaged in bubble wrap & tissue paper so they stay really safe during shipment

A Close up of the colours. The bronzey brown is called Bohemia and the frosty white is called Divine
The back of the pans

These shadows remind me a lot of the Mac frost finishes. They seem to produce more shimmer than colour, but when you blend them they look beautiful. I'm interested to maybe try some of the matte shadows to see how they compare.

If you are interested in these shadows you can buy them from:

You can see amazing swatches of nearly all the colours here:


  1. I've got some of these. I got Champagne, Creme d'nude, Ciao Bella, Southern Belle and I got Cocoa free as they accidently sent it out and told me to keep it hehe.x

  2. I have never heard of thise brand and now i am sooooo excited to try them. Love the shimmer. They seem reall pigmented which is great. Thanks for the swatches. Love your blog. Look forward to following.