Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snowy Day :)

I don't really feel like taking about make-up today, because i had soo much fun in the snow and thought i would just share some pictures :)

The beginning of our snowman
Starting on the second bit
Yes, i am a pro ;)
Not Happy

Me & Wade at the park (frozen lake!)
how pretty is the lake :) but we were too scared to walk on it - this is the lake my dad owns in the summer and he hires boats out on it :)
cos i'm cool in my Jeep hat :)
Me & Wade
Wade & Aimee (my sister)
I fell over :( and they didnt help ... they just took pictures :( haha
Hot Chocolate Break before we go back to snowman building
Aimee & Me
Zebra PJ's FTW!!
We went up the other end of the road to steal their snow :)
Taa Daa :)
I hope you liked these pictures :)


  1. I love seeing photos of snow, looks like lots of fun! and those hot chocolates look super yummy. xo

  2. Looks like you had fun and I've got Zebra print pj bottoms too (mines are from Primark :D ) x

  3. I miss the days of building snowmen. lol