Sunday, 31 January 2010

Weekly Challenge - Week Three

Last weeks challenge went awful. I was just such an epic fail :( i've had no motivation because of how hectic school has been recently

Make-Up Challenge: i was in too much of a rush every morning to do eyeshadow :(
Weight Loss Challenge: :S i dont even want to weigh myself this week!
Language Challenge: ok this i did do! yay.
Random Challenge: so it turns out i love the internet too much to spend any time without it. haha

This week's challenges

Make-Up Challenge

To use a different blush everyday for 5 days (because cba with blush or bronzer at the weekend)

I really need to pay more attention to blush because if im being lazy or in a rush this is what i always miss out on.

(Top) Nars Orgasm Blush, Mac Pink Swoon, Mac Well Dressed,
(Bottom) Mac Bronzer in Golden, MSF in Soft & Gentle

Once I've tried them out over the 5 days I'll decide on my favourite and wear it for the whole 5 days of the next week :)

My Weight Loss Challenge

I think i am ready to take the plunge and and aim for two pounds this week. Fingers crossed it goes well :) I think i need to get some new fitness DVD's because i really really don't like Danielle Lloyd. Any recommendations??

My Language Challenge

Boringly, It is to listen to the 3rd of the podcast's i have subscribed to. I also want to know how to say fabulous in both Italian & French because i think that would be cool :)

My Random Challenge

I'm still sticking to my 2 bottles of water and day challenge and i am going to add to it the challenge to use a different school bag everyday just to try and change things up a little :) i'll try to remember to take pictures of the 5 that i use :)