Sunday, 24 January 2010

Weekly Challenge - Week Two

Last weeks challenges went ok, but i know i could have done so much better. I just struggle to stay focused!

1st Challenge: (which will now be called make-up challenge)
I stuck to this challenge which i am really happy about :) i think my favourite days were Monday & Tuesday when i wore Hue and Nude Rose :) I hoping this challenge will mean i get more use out of my modesty lipstick because i learn how to tone it down slightly. I think i will wear Hue for the whole of next week because i like to save Nude Rose because it's LE :(

2nd Challenge: (which will now be called weight loss challenge)
My stupid scales are deciding they don't want to work so i cant weigh myself and work out what i've lost :(

3rd Challenge: (which will now be called language challenge)
I listened to a French, Greek and Spanish podcast this week and am really liking allof the languages :) The French podcast is called Coffee Break French, the Greek podcast is called Greek - SurvivalPhrases and the Spanish podcast is called Coffee Break Spanish

4th Challenge: (which will now be called random challenge)
On Monday i was really disappointed wit myself because i didn't even finish one bottle of water, but since then I've done really well :) and on Wednesday i managed to finish 2 :) I just need to keep at it until i get into a routine on choosing water over cola!

This week's challenges

Make-Up Challenge

To use a different eye shadow everyday for 6 days (because i don't wear make-up on sunday's usually)

Technically, we're not suppose to wear eye shadow for school but i can get away with the neutral colours, i just used the darker ones maybe as a liner or something :)

(L to R) Woodwinked, All That Glitters, Amber Lights

(L to R) Cranberry, Hypnotizing, Smoke & Diamonds

Once I've tried them out over the 6 days I'll decide on my faourite and wear that for the whole 6 days of the next week :)

My Weight Loss Challenge

I think i'm just going to go for 1 pound again because i really does take some adjusting to completely changing the things you eat. A little patisserie in town makes the best BBQ Chicken panini's which i usually get every lunch and now i have to order something completely different.

My Language Challenge

I think i'm just going to listen to another podcast of each language over the next week :) pretty simple really :)

My Random Challenge

I'm going to carry on with the water challenge but this time increase it to at least two bottles. However, a brand new challenge for this week will be to spend less time online. The websites i go on the most are Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, YouTube, Google and Sidereel so my challenge will to be spend 1 hour every night that i am usually online doing something else a little more productive. I'll let you know next week what i did in the 7 hours in total that i wasn't online for :)


  1. Well done - you seem to have done really well :) xx

  2. i love your MAC eyeshadows collection :)

    and your weekly challenges sound like a really good idea, good luck :)