Saturday, 30 January 2010

Lincoln Haul (I found Sleek!!)

I went to Lincoln today because i am part of a Young Enterprise team at my school and we took part in a trade show for the day. In my lunch break i decided shopping was more important than eating and picked up these things from Superdrug & Boots. I also got a jacket from Primark that i'm taking back because it doesn't looks nice on. and it was £17 which i thought was a lot for a Primark jacket!

Boots 17 Blusher in Bramble Frost. It remind me of Mac Well Dressed, but this is a little creamier in colour

Sleek Sunset Palette :)

Sleek Pixie Pink blush

Natural Collection lipstick in Rose Petal

I really like everything i got :) but i'll do a proper review of everything after i've used them a little. I'm also so glad that i found Sleek :) i've been wanting to try their things for along time! I see another trip to Lincoln happening sooon :)


  1. Ooh how pretty is that sleek blush! Lovely goodies there, shopping definitely beats eating haha xo

  2. I have sleek sunset..i find some of the brighter colours hard to wear, but the actualy quality/pigmentation etc are AMAZING.