Saturday, 16 January 2010

Review: Mac Eyeshadow in All That Glitters

To me, All That Glitters is such a perfect everyday colour that is probably my most used mac eyeshadow. It can be paired with so many other colours maybe for a neutral look, or a more out their look. If you don't have it, i really would look into it next time you are in a mac store or on the website.

It's a veluxe Pearl finish which i think is probably my favourite finish of all mac shadows because they are just so soft and easy to use and are beautiful :) I'm really really bad at describing colours but it looks like a mix of gold and pink and maybe a little peach?!?! i dont really know. haha. Next to Woodwinked it looks really pink.

I've tried to get swatches that show the colour and then the colour with light hitting it :) I hope this helps. I imagine this will be the first shadow i hit pan on. So if you are not a fan of paying £11 for a single eyeshadow and you like neutrals, buy this, it wont be a waste :)


  1. I just mentioned this on twitter today! I can't seem to make this show on me, I however like foiling this colour and placing it over a darker colour, that looks nice, but poping it over a bare base and worn along like i've heard so many people suggest, just makes me look dead! xxx

  2. This is my most used eyeshadow. It's such a pretty colour that's so easy to use. I love it with Woodwinked <3 x

  3. Beautiful! I love that kind of eyeshadow color ^^

  4. definitely a staple in the makeup drawers! i use it almost every day!
    cute blog :)