Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Ladies, don't waste lipgloss!

Surely im not the only one who get myself into these situations. You find a lipgloss, you love it and you pretty much use it everyday. And then out of nowhere you've used loads of it and there is nothing left for the wand to grab, but loads of product left at the top and the very bottom :( Here is my cure for this little problem.

1. Take the said lipgloss
2. You will need a mug, a filled kettle and the lipgloss
3. Boil the kettle
4. pour the water into the mug :)
5. place the lipgloss into the water. try and have enough water to get all of the gloss from the top. If you are worried about the lipgloss tube not being able to withstand the hot water, i guess you could wait for it to cool slightly or just use hot water from the tap.

6. The lipgloss moves sooo quickly. seriously this took me like 1 minute. Also notice how my water didn't go right to the top in the mug so some gloss is still at the top :(

7. Now obviously, your lipgloss has become very melty in order for it to slide down the tube. so i put mine in the fridge just to get the consistency of it back to normal and to cool it down so it doesn't burn my lips :) Make sure you stand the gloss up, other wise its just gonna get thicker round the tube and your not gonna be able to get to it again :)

If you have a lipgloss that you do this too please leave me a message telling me how it worked for you :)

oh and also the gloss i used was from Avon and is called Pink A Glow :)


  1. Awesome!!! Love this trick..

  2. Im going to do this :) Thank you! XO

  3. I store mine upright anyway, but I'll remember this trick in future! :)

  4. I've heard about this tip before, but I always get bored of my lipgloss in the end so I don't mind throwing it away hehe

  5. I have that mug! (Twice over in fact, I got it with some Easter Eggs last year).

    This is a good time, I'm going to try it when mine go funny


  6. Brilliant tip!

    You've gained a new follow :D xx