Sunday, 31 January 2010

Nail Polishes Please :)

There are currently sooo many nail polishes that i want to get but the prices in the UK are a little OTT for my purse. So was wondering if anyone in the US would be willing to do a make-up swap?!?!

The Polishes i want are:
Essie (from their spring Collection)
  • Lilacism
  • Tart Deco
  • Van D'Go
China Glaze (from their spring collection)
  • Light asAir
  • Peachy Keen
  • Re-Freshmint
  • Something Sweet
I know that Essie's retail for about $8.00 and China Glaze for about $6.50, so if you are interested in the swap maybe you could pick up about 3 of the colours and i could post you some things from British brands that come to the same price. If you know you can help me at all with them please e-mail me :) Oh and also i am in no major rush to get them because it can be quite difficult for me to get to a Superdrug or Boots so if you want to organize the swap for some time in late Feb/or early March that would be perfect.


  1. If my package ever actually makes it to you I'd love totally do another swap with you! lol

  2. yay :)
    look forward to it :)
    you can be my official China Glaze supplier :P

  3. Hi hun,
    have you tried trans design?
    the china glaze polishes on there are only $2.60 and i think shipping is $18 for up to 9 bottles so works out about £3 a bottle