Thursday, 4 February 2010

Avon Sale

You may know that a lot of my collection used to me Avon, because my mum is a rep and the products were just really easy to get, but then i expanded into other brands and kind of forgot a bit about Avon. I did however pick up a brochure today (we have loads floating around the house) and saw that it had some great deals on at the minute that i thought i would tell you about. The Brochure Number is 3 btw :) I'm not including everything, just the bits and pieces that i think i am going to get :)

Avon Speed Dry Polishes - Usually £6 - Now £3

Foundation Brush - Usually £8.50 - Now £3
Liquid Foundation - Usually £10 - Now £5

Angled Face Brush - Usually £5.50 - Now £3

SuperShock Mascara - Usually £8 - Now £3

I don't know if any of you have ever tried Avon brushes, but i think the quality of them is really good, and a lot of them are on sale for cheaper than the ELF Studio Brushes ... so check them out! I've had a look online and the only thing i can find for the same prices are the nail polishes. If anyone is desperate for anything they have seen in this post but you don't have an Avon rep, i think i might do a thing where, you give me the money for something on PayPal, i'll order it for you, and them i'll post it to you. But i can;t guarantee i will do this, only if people are interested! so let me know


  1. In the avon book that I just ordered from all the prices were more! How anoying! XO

  2. never tried AVON but wanna try them out, their brushes look pretty good