Saturday, 20 February 2010

Blog Sale - Brand New and Un-Used Products

I found loads of make-up yesterday that was really cheap and i know a few people were interested in some of the things i got so today i picked up some more things to sell to all you lovely ladies :) everything is brand new and un-used. I am also selling everything at the price i paid for it because my aim is not to make a profit from this sale, i just wanted to offer you some of the things i can get really easily.

  1. I am only accepting PayPal
  2. I am only selling to people in the UK because it's just easier for me to post
  3. Postage is £1 and then 50p per additional item
  4. Just leave me a comment with what you want and your PayPal e-mail address so i can send you an invoice :)
  5. First Come First served

Boots No. 7 Palette - £2
I was having a play with mine yesterday and these are incredible when applied wet!!

Pure Eye Shadow Duo in Emerald - £1
Ive seen this product but in other colours retailing for i think £9 on ASOS!!

Pure Single Eye Shadow in Icy Blue - £1

Boots 17 Eye Shadow Palette - £2

Rimmel Clear Lipsticks - £1 each
just like a chap stick really but they are my favourites!

If what you were wanting has already sold i may be able to go and get more for you! Just e-mail me at and let me know what you are interested in. Also, if you ever see me Hauling from a place called The Factory Shop and it's something you like the look of let me know and i can pick something up for you!


  1. Boots No. 7 Palette - £2
    Boots 17 Eye Shadow Palette - £2 ox

  2. Boots No. 7 Palette - £2
    Boots 17 Eye Shadow Palette - £2

    Thanks, thats so kind x