Friday, 26 February 2010

International Swap goodies from Emily :)

Me and Emily organised an international swap just before Christmas. Originally it was just for a magazine, but then we both decided we would throw in a few make-up bits too :) Emily got her parcel on Feb 1st but mine only came today ... i think it was being help up in customs :(

I got:

Canadian Vogue Jan 2010
China Glaze in Heaven
China Glaze in Camisole
China Glaze in VIII
China Glaze in Ravishing, Dahling
L.A Color Art Deco in Silver
A Lilac eyeshadow (im not too sure where from but it is really nice!)
2 Pairs of dangly earrings :)

I'm sure i will get round to doing a more in depth post on everything individually but i just want to say a HUGE thank you to Emily for this swap! I really enjoyed doing it and totally hope we can do another soon :)


  1. what did u send her, out of interest?

  2. You are super welcome lovey! Watch for my posting on your goodies!!

  3. I love the purple polish!

    I put you down for the sunshine award on my blog! :)