Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Rihanna Week - Look Three

As always, i have just used this picture of Rihanna as inspiration, so if my look doesn't look exactly like hers, you don't need to tell me! And remember you don't need to go out and buy what i have used to achieve this look, just improvise with what you have :)

Begin by applying a black base to your eye lid. I have just used a black kohl eye liner, but if you have a mac paintpot, or any form of back cream eye shadow, that will work too & at the point it doesn't have to be too neat. Apply it up to the crease.

With an eye shadow brush blend the base together to form a smooth colour and add a wing to the side

Now take a blue eye shadow (preferable matte if you have it but i didn't so i had to use a shimmery one) and press it into the base, Once you've done that, blend it into the crease a little so you don't have a sharp line

Now add either gold eyeliner, or wet gold eyeshadow to your lower lash line

Then apply some mascara and you're all done :D

The Products I Used:
The Blue from the Sleek Palette
Avon Cream eyeliner in Gold
Barry M Black Kohl Liner
A Stiff Eye Shadow Brush
A fluffy Eye Shadow Brush
Maybelline Colossal Mascara


  1. Im loving these looks your doing!! Very pretty! xx

  2. Pretty! Keep those looks coming =D

  3. Am loving this series and your interpretation is fab! I'm envious of your winging - gorgeous! :) xx

  4. So gorgeous! :)
    I might have to try that Barry M eyeliner pencil as it looks nice and creamy!
    Keep the Rihanna looks coming!