Monday, 8 February 2010

Women For Women International

I currently have 144 followers on my blog, all of whom i believe to be female (i apologise if i am wrong on this!) and ever since i read the January 2010 issue of Harper's Bazaar, something has been on my mind. There was an article entitled "21st Century Heroines" which featured 20 women all of whom were heavily involved in charity work for different organisations. The one that really caught my attention was Bill Clinton's nomination for a lady called Zainab Salbi who does a lot of work (and is the president) for the charity Women for Women international (WFWI).

The organisation aims to help women achieve their full potential in the world and allow them access to basic things many of us take for granted such as health care.

The main reason i am bringing this up is because we are a large group of women who could be helping other women in need. Now i completely understand that, at this current time, a lot of peoples charitable giving is going towards the disaster in Haiti and you should be extremely proud of yourself for helping the people over there that need it but if you happen to have a little spare money floating around in your bank account WFWI really could use it.

It costs $27 a month to sponsor a woman, but obviously you can give whatever is suitable for your finances and as often as you like. The donation page is here.

Facts about women around the world:
  1. 70% of people in poverty around the world are women
  2. Women perform 66% of the worlds tasks
  3. Women produce 50% of the worlds food
  4. Women earn 10% of the worlds income
  5. Women own 1% of the worlds property
you can find out loads more information here

i'm not at all trying to push donating on to you, if you don't feel like you can, or simple do not want to, that's fine ... but for those who can spare a little bit of money please do! even if its just £1, it would mean so much to whoever it goes towards helping :)

I just want to point out that i have no ties with WFWI, it is just a charity i believe in a lot!

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