Friday, 19 February 2010

Bargain Hauling :)

I decided to nip into town today to see what bargains i could find ... and this is what i came home with :)

From Boots
Max Factor Single Eye Shadow in Burnt Bark - 99p
No. 7 Sultry Eye Palette (Purples) - £1.99

From The Factory Shop
Pure Eye Shadow in Charcoal - £1 (THIS IS CURRENTLY ON ASOS FOR £12!!) i'm going back tomorrow to get some more so if you would like to grab yourself a bargain i will be selling them for £1 and then £1 postage :)

Rimmel Clear Lipsticks - £1 each - I go through these really quickly so i have to stock up :) I might get some more of these tomorrow too :)

I finally got round to picking up my new SMH eye shadows from the Royal Mail place :)

(From L to R) Carnal Knowledge, In a Bind, Guilty as Sin

What have you been buying this week??


  1. Hi what do you use clear lipsticks for?! just wondering haha is it clear lipgloss just in a lipstick?

  2. Ooooh yes i would love to buy one of those eyeshadows from u!
    eeeee can't wait till u sell them ox

  3. wow, you found some really good bargains!