Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Month In Covers - March

This is my second instalment of the Month In Covers posts i am starting to do :) It is basically where i give my opinion on the cover picture each magazine has chosen for this month. It is ok if you disagree with me, i expect some people will, because this is a complete opinion based post :)

I dont like. I think it's bland and boring. And im not really a fan of Alexa Chung. I like her style and stuff but i just dont like her as a cover star for Vogue.

Vanity Fair

An issue like this comes out every year. It showcases the new talent in Hollywood and i've always wanted to buy Vanity Fair just for these issues :) I really dont like how Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick are laid, but i do like the colours everyone is wearing and the grass background

US Elle
This issue is technically from February, but because it can take a long time to ship magazines overseas, i havent seen the March issue in my shop yet :( Overall i dont really like this picture. I think Jennifer looks really pretty, but there is ALOT on show

Teen Vogue
I think this i really pretty. It is very teen appropriate and i love Mia's dress. I think maybe the pose is a little boring, but i still really like the cover as a whole

I've been really bored with Nylon recently. There is just not much that jumps out and grabs my attention any more Also, i'm not a fan of The Vampire Diaries so this cover didn't really excite me. I do however really like what Nina is wearing

Marie Claire
I really like Nicole Richie and i really like her pose in this picture, i just don't really like the white shirt with that skirt. Other than that, i think its good :)

LOVE IT. I love Leighton. I love Burberry. I love lilac as a March colour. I just really like everything about this :) Well done InStyle :) I think i would have just toned down her eye make-up.

Harper's Bazaar
I love this issue too. The picture of Cindy is fabulous :) I love covers with the big 80's - 90's SuperModels on!

Meh. I dont like Dannii, but i love her McQueen dress!

I think Liv has great style. And i love her hair. And the fact that the cover is grey :) One again Elle have impressed me :D

Canadian Vogue
I still view Rachel McAdams as the bitchy girl out of Mean Girls but i think she looks really elegant in this picture. I would have preferred something little more playful maybe


  1. i think alexa chung and her style is boring as fuck.

    admire lady gaga and gwen stefani

  2. I love this blog idea!

    Agree with your thoughts, although think Rachel McAdams looks beautiful in the Vogue cover.

    x x