Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas Haul = Not Bragging

I'm a little bit worried what my Christmas haul's may be coming off to some people as bragging and i really don't want people to think that. I tried to just stick to the make-up and beauty things i got because them you will know what products I've been trying and you can request reviews of them or at least know what sort of reviews will be coming up.

Although i mentioned my TV and sewing machine, i didn't post about them because 1) i don't image it would have been a very exciting post and 2) TV's and sewing machines have nothing to do with this blog.

I know i did show my Books, Magazines & DVD's but that was just because i've mentioned before my love for fashion, twilight and box sets and thought it would be ok to show you.

Thankfully i haven't received any comments saying "oh your bragging" or whatever, but i know this is how a lot of people feel about other people doing Christmas Hauls

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and, if you and going to do an xmas haul, i cant wait to see what you got!


  1. I love seeing what others get for Christmas! Keep posting! xo

  2. yeah I like seeing what people get too, partly because I'm a bit nosy :D but you can also get some really good present ideas from them.
    It also gives readers a better idea of who you are apart from liking make-up I think

  3. I've scheduled my 'presents' post for tomorrow and put before the pics etc about this. I have read a lot of negative comments n twitters today about it! I find it interesting to see what others have and I would hope my followers would too. It's Christmas... don't worry doll! xxxx

  4. This is why I've been avoiding Twitter recently. Ignore them honey, I love hearing about what people got from Santa, after all, people were quick enough to post their Christmas lists :) xx

  5. Post what you like my lovely. X

  6. Posting hauls should not be seen as bragging. I love seeing what other people got (=