Saturday, 12 December 2009

January 2010 magazines .... it's just weird!

It is so strange to see the words "January 2010" on the spines of these magazines!

like ... its really is 2010 soon. :S

buy yeah. Helena Christensen is wearing Burberry :) Christopher Bailey is easily my favourite designers so well done Elle :)

And there is this really cool thing in Glamour about businesses that are doing well in the recession (like hair dye companies) and the ones that aren't (like greetings cards companies) It said that Clintons have racked up £72million in debt since 2008 (i think) :O

And also Glamour is only £1 this month so go and get it :)

I've notices Harpers, Vogue and Marie Claire are on sale atm so i need to get them soon :)



  1. I picked up a magazine the other day and was shocked at the 2010 too. lol

  2. I can't believe its nearly 2010 already, this year has gone by so fast! Thanks for letting us know glamour is only £1, will definitely be picking it up soon x