Wednesday, 9 December 2009

2009: The best and worst

For me, 2009 had been the year of make-up. In 2008 i was just starting to get into it and buying random things from superdrug to try and work out what suited me the best. 2009 has been more about knowing what suits me and trying to find the best quality products. It was also the year i started buying mac :)

This post is basically focused on 2 products. One is the best thing i bought this year. The other is the worst.

The results are:

The Worst = Stila Lipcolor in Laurel.

Beautiful colour. Beautiful Formulation. Beautiful Packaging. The worst tasting lipstick i have ever owned! It makes me feel sick and i cant wear it for more than a minute! It tastes like plastic and it is sooooo gross!

The Best = Mac MSF Natural

Easily the best powder i have ever used. I have always had to set my foundation with a powder and was quite annoyed by this because it usually meant matting out my glow from the foundation. This powder however is mineralized so it has a little big of shimmery glow in it so i can set my make-up and still have the texture i want :)

I want to start this post as a tag. So i tag you :)


  1. I would have to say I hated Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara and absolutely LOVED my MAC Hello Kitty pink fish TLC :)

  2. I love my MSF natural too!