Saturday, 26 December 2009

Magazine & Books & DVD presents

These are some other presents that aren't really make-up or beauty related, but one of them might just be my favourite present of all.

There is:
  1. Little Rascals DVD
  2. The OC Season 4 boxset
  3. Unseen Vogue Book
  4. Vogue Covers Book
  5. Twilight Movie Companion
  6. 1 year subscription of Vanity Fair
  7. October 1992 Vogue
The 1992 Vogue is the one that came out the month i was born :) I thought this was soo thoughtful and it is sooo different from the modern issues i buy now. I love it :)


  1. all your presents are really lovely, i really like the look of the vogue books and the vogue magazine from 1992 is such a cool gift :)

    hope you had a great christmas :)


  2. Thats such a great Idea, think I may be asking for my vogue birth month for my birthday now :D