Monday, 28 December 2009

I Need London Idea's :)

I'm going to London on Saturday (Hopefully if everything goes to plan) and as always i want to pick up some make-up from stands that i cant get easily from where live. Now, i have experienced some very pushy staff in the past so i prefer to know what i am going for, i'll do a little swatch, buy the product and leave.

Brands that i am interested in are:
Bobbi Brown
Urban Decay

so what are your favourite products from any of these brands? As far as i know, because i'm going with my sister and her friend and no adults, are plan is to stick to Oxford Street and maybe Harrods if we have the time. If there are any brands in these stores that you think are worth looking at them please let me know those too :)


  1. I definately recommend Nars, Illamasqua and MAC in Selfridges on Oxford Street. I didn't like Harrods as in the beauty dept they sorta try and railroad you into buying imo. I absolutely loved Covent Garden, it's actually quite easy to get around because it kinda goes in a circle, and it has the MAC store right near the tube stop.

  2. If you're around the MAC pro shop in Soho (walking distance from Oxford street) is definitely worth a visit. The staff there are really helpful and I've never felt pressured to buy anything. The Benefits boutique is also nearby x

  3. The Benefit Boutique and MAC store in Covent Garden are not-to-misses, if you ask me, and easily to get to on buses, or by foot.

    If I can recommend anything by those brands it would be Benefit creaseless shadows, Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner and Nars Orgasm blush.

    Have fun.


  4. Just realised you've probably already been! Oops! X