Saturday, 26 December 2009

Mac Warm & Cozy - What I Would Love

I just want to point out straight away that i did not take any of these pictures! They are all from which is the only website i use to look at upcoming mac collections because i think it is the best one!

This post is basically just to let you know all of the things that i like the look of from the Warm & Cozy collection which comes out soon :)

The first is By Candlelight Mineralized Skinfinish - it just looks soo pretty and my Soft & Gentle has got me addicted to MSF's i think!

Warm Me Up Lipstick - i'm hoping this may be a little like my Nude Rose which i love but has been discontinued :(
Feeling Good Tinted Lip Conditioner - I've never tried a TLC but i've heard really good things and would love to try this one
Blissed Out Nail Lacquer - It just looks sooo pretty :)
2N Lipglass - i wasn't really into Mac when the N Collection came out but when i saw pictures of it i really wished i had been. I'm so glad they are re-promoting this!
Sadly, i dont think i will have enough money to get all 5 things because i really want to try expanding my brand selection into things like Illamasqua, NARS and Urban Decay. I guess we will just see how it goes.

Is there anything you are looking forward to from this collection?? check out this link to see all of the other products that will be available and then let me know!


  1. I was only planning to get the Feelin' Good lip conditioner but now I'm thinking I like that lipstick too.

    Will need to see when it hits the counter.


  2. I definitely want an MSF but not sure which one yet...? X

  3. I can't wait until this collection comes out, I want both the tinted lip conditioners! x

  4. Hey, I feel the same way. I want too much but I would have to limit myself to a few pieces! But its just too difficult. So far I have decided on By Candlelight MSF & the Warm Me Up lipstick, but I also want Cuddle shadestick & Modelette eyeshadow! I also want to get 2 eyeshadows from the Love Lace collection, ah choosing is so hard! x Livia