Thursday, 31 December 2009

Review: Mac Lipstick in Myth

Mac Lipstick
in Myth

Cost: £12

My Thoughts: I bought this because it seemed like such a cult mac product. I'm a little new to finishes but this is a Satin and im really not a fan. I like my lipstick to have a little bit of gloss to it so i usually stick to a glaze finish. I have heard however that Creme d'nude is the same colour but with a creamier finish so after i've used this up a little i might get that :) The colour is a really nice nude without looking to concealer like.

Where you can buy:
mac counters
mac stores

Would i re-purchase: probably not, i want to try creme d'nude instead

Overall Score: 6/10

Bare Lips


  1. OOO I really like the look of Myth. Is it drying?

  2. Gorgeous colour but I understand how you feel about the finishes, I like them to be a little creamier too X

  3. another reason not to buy things just because everyone else has! the colour is good but it looks A LOT like 101! xxx

  4. i dont think it's anything like 101
    no where near as pale
    no where near as drying

  5. Nice :) I like Creme d'Nude a lot too!