Saturday, 5 December 2009

Holiday Purchases

So while i was away i obviously had to do a little duty free shopping :) i didn't get alot because it's Christmas soon and i still haven't bought any presents for anyone yet :S But yeah this is what i got:
The Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer for £21.50
I got this on the plane home so i haven't really tried it out properly but i put a little on my hand and it felt soooo soft! I'll do a full proper review when i've used it properly
Mac Studio Finish Concealer in NW15 for £10.20

OMG! the mac counter at Manchester airport was heaven! we got there at about 6am so there were no staff at the counter which basically meant i could just play with everything without feeling like i have to buy something or being pushed around by loads of other ladies! LOVED IT! however i only came away with the concealer because of the whole Christmas present thing again.

I actually bought this before i left but i read it while i was there and if you liked this film, read this because it is completely different towards the end! I might also do a little review of this at some point if anyone wants to know about it.

This was abit of a random purchase. I couldn't find a Moroccan Vogue so i'm thinking maybe they don't have one :S im not sure. But i did find this December issue of German Vogue which seriously has some of the best editorials i've seen in ages!


  1. Let me know how you like Photofinish...I'm kinda tempted to try but I break out easily :S

  2. will do
    i think sometime next week
    i'll just try it out for a few more days :)