Saturday, 26 December 2009

Soap & Glory Big Thrill! Box

I got sooo excited when i saw on loads of people's blogs that this set had been reduced from £50 to £20 and as soon as i found out i told my mum :)

She convinced me that she couldn't get it because the website kept crashing so i was super excited to unwrap it yesterday :) I've already used a few things from it and so far, i love them all but after a few uses of all the products i'll do proper individual reviews.

In the set you get:
  1. Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss
  2. The Daily Smooth Body Butter
  3. Clean On Me Shower Gel
  4. Flake Away Body Buff
  5. Girligo Body Mist
  6. Hair Supply Hair Treatment
  7. Hand Food Hand Cream
  8. The Greatest Scrub Of All Facial Scrub
  9. Clean Mary Cleansing Milk
  10. I-Foam Body Wash
  11. Butter Up Body Butter
  12. and a "Sudsy Puff"
As everyone has already said, the box and bag are perfect for storage :)

Did anyone else get this?? What's your favourite thing in it??


  1. I'm so jealous, I wanted it but couldn't get it!

  2. My mum surprised me with one on Xmas Day too... she had told me that that present had tangerines in a big box... which I believed and then was so excited when I actually opened it up!

    Love the Sexy Motherpucker gloss which I'm really shocked at.


  3. So gutted I didn't get my hands on one of these. My favourite S&G prods are Hand Food and Clean on Me though X

  4. me love <3 never tried Soap & Glory but , will probably after seeing this!