Saturday, 12 December 2009

Review: Barry M Lip Paint in 101

Barry M Lip Paint
in 101 (Marshmallow)

Cost: £4.25

My Thoughts: When i went into superdrug to buy this, i knew i either wanted the Gosh lipstick in Darling or the Barry M in 101. I obviously went for the Barry M, but kind of wish i'd gone for the Gosh :( This lipstick is just far to pale for me and it looks likes i'm wearing concealer on my lips. At the same time i bought the Lip Paint in 129 which is super smooth and glossy but for some reason the 101 is really drying :( All in all it's not my favourite lipstick but i know a lot of people who really like it!

Where can you buy:
Some Tesco's

Compliments: Erm ... my friend asked what colour it was so she could check it out herself so i guess she liked it :)

Would i re-purchase: Probably not, but this product hasn't put me off the other Barry M Lip Paints and i hope to try out some new colours sooon

Great Tip: If you find this lipstick to pale like me then mix it with a brown lipstick that you find too dark. I blend mine with the NYX round Lipstick in Circe. I will be doing a post soon on what these two look like together :)

Overall Score: 4/10

This picture shows just how much the lipstick is like the colour of my skin and how it can look like concealer. The swatch to the left is one stroke of lipstick and the one the the right is four strokes to try and show how intense the colour can be applied.
Have you tried this lipstick? What did you think?


  1. after hearing such rave reviews about this product i really wanted to try it but i hated it too! it's too pale for me i just could never wear it! x

  2. Uh oh. . . perhaps I shouldn't have you get me this one? lol

  3. I swatched this in Superdrug and thought it was too extreme for me so I picked Gosh Darling instead. I even find Darling very hard to wear though so I'm gonna start mixing it with my darker shades. I envy people who can go this nude:)