Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Review: Mac Studio Fix Fluid

Mac Studio Fix Fluid

Cost: £19

My Thoughts: This is probably one of the most talked about mac products in make-up land. It has medium-full coverage and an SPF 15. The first thing i noticed was the smell. It is very chemical and slightly off putting the first time you use it but i think over time you just get use to it. I have mine in NW15 and it is slightly too orangey. When blended in it matches perfectly but if you miss a little bit with your brush i'm left with an orange line. It has quite a matte finish which i'm not really a fan of.

Where you can buy:
Mac counters
Mac stores

Compliments: my friend saw me applying it the other day and said "wow, it's working really well"

Would i re-purchase: probably, although i would like to try the mineralize satinfinish first and the select foundation :)

Great Tip: If i want more of a dewy finish i mix mine with a little bit on maybelline's dream satin liquid

Overall score: 7/10

have you tried this foundation? what did you think?


  1. I'm probably one of the only people out there who hate this foundation! It looks so orange on me and whenever I wear it I feel like i'm wearing a mask...just too heavy for me! MAC Face & Body is my HG :)

  2. I'm not too big a fan of this foundation, it feels too mask like and matte especially when worn during the day. Having said that its great if you want full coverage x

  3. agree with you both totally
    it can be a little mask like for the day time