Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Review: Barry M Fine Glitter Dust (25)

Barry M Fine Glitter Dust
in Forest Green (25)

Cost: £4.50

My Thoughts: This eye shadows are absolutely beautiful, but i just can't get on with the glitter and as you may have read in a previous post, i don't really like loose make-up. The picture below shows just how much more intense the colour is wet compared to being applied dry. I use to think £4.50 for the size of these little posts was really expensive, but they last so long that the price is justified.

Where you can buy:
some Tesco's

Would i re-purchase: probably not, i dont think i will need to, it's not gonna run out anytime soon

Overall score: 8/10


  1. That looks pretty when applied wet. x

  2. just read through all of your reviews and loved them!! one thing i will say is that the 17 bronzer is quite cheap and if you've found something that works STICK WITH IT!!!! why spend lots of money on mac and nars etc bronzers when you've found one that works for you :) i wouldnt risk ending up with a huge drawer of bronzers i didnt like xxxx