Friday, 14 August 2009

Product Rant

I bought the Natural Collection's CoverUp Cream Concealer about two month's ago just before prom because i ran out of my E.L.F. concealer. I think it retails from boots for about £1.95 but i will not be re-purchasing it!

I like to dot concealer everywere on my face that it needs to be and then rub it in but this stuff dries so quickly that doing this is just impossible! and if you have put some on and are rubbing it in it dries before it is fully blended and just looks patchy and gross! i just cant get this to work for me :(

I'm not too sure what concealer to get next though :S i have the Urban Decay 24/7 concealer pencil thing but i dont like that either because i prefer liquid concealers. I'm thinking either getting the E.L.F. one again because that is really nice or maybe the boots 17 one because i tred it out the other day and really liked it. What concealer do you use??


  1. I actually use a mememe concealer along with my bobi brown foundation. Love it.

    I am yet, however, to be blown away by a concealer :-s


  2. mac ones are fantastic, as are collection 2000 ones, just depends on your budget x

  3. I like the elf ones, and they smell really good too!